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Cool moths found in Spokane and around the world

The Spokesman-Review 22 Oct 2023
Luna moth (Actias luna). Few American moths can match the luna moth for raw beauty. Lunas, relatively common on the East Coast, are light green behemoths ... While they’ve always been among the best-known moths, they had a bit of a moment in the mid-2000s when a luna moth appeared as the animated mascot for Lunesta, a prescription sleeping medication ... .

Ask the Expert: What disease do my tomatoes have and how do I manage it?

The Columbus Dispatch 12 Aug 2023
That sounds like a luna moth (Actias luna), which can have a wingspan of 3-4 inches. The luna moth is in the giant silkworm moth family and is native to the eastern half of the U.S ... Like most moths, luna moths are nocturnal (predominantly active at night). Adult luna moths only live for a week to 10 days while they locate a mate and reproduce.

The luna moth

The Ada News 22 Jul 2023
Actias luna, the luna moth, is one of the most visually stunning moths in North America ... As a kid, the luna moth was an insect I had seen in photos and read about in books and I was fascinated by the species ... I always love seeing luna moths, but there is also a certain sadness ... The luna moth can have a wingspan of 3 to 4.5 inches.

The alluring tail of the Luna moth is surprisingly useless for finding a mate

Popular Science 12 Apr 2023
A Luna moth (Actias luna) ... The Luna moth has uniquely shaped wings that thwart predation from bats, but what else might they be good for? How does one determine the evolutionary role of a trait? ... Luna moths are native to the Eastern half of North America ... When female Luna moths are ready to mate, they perch in one spot and release pheromones.

Luna moths found to use their tails solely for bat evasion

Phys Dot Org 10 Apr 2023
In a pair of complementary studies, researchers took a close look at Luna moth (Actias luna) tails through the eyes of birds and female moths to test the tails' role in predation and sexual selection ... Juliette J Rubin et al, Sexual selection does not drive hindwing tail elaboration in a moon moth, Actias luna, Behavioral Ecology (2023).

Union County Art Exhibit and Competition 2022

New Albany Gazette 04 May 2022
Best in Show this year goes to Alexandria Robertson from West Union for her linoleum block print Atticus Luna, which is exceptional,” said Museum Director, Jill Smith ... Best in Show. Alexandria Robertson, Atticus Luna, Linoleum Print, West Union. Purchase Award ... Painting Acrylic. ... 1st - Best in show, Alexandria Robertson, “Actias Luna” West Union ... .

Master Gardener: Gardeners are explorers

Tyler Morning Telegraph 13 Oct 2021
I had discovered an adult Luna moth, Actias luna (L.) ... The Luna moth is rarely seen due to its nocturnal lifestyle and short lifespan (one week) as an adult ... The adult Luna moth emerges from the cocoon beneath the host tree, which is exactly where I had found my specimen. According to a 2016 study, the Luna moth population is in decline ... ....

Nature News: Polyphemus moths have got their eyes on you

Portsmouth Herald 14 Jul 2021
Who doesn’t get excited upon finding a huge moth? While we don’t have the diversity of butterflies and moths found in the tropics, we do have some remarkable species up here ... The ethereal luna moth (Actias luna) is another large, common and well-known silk moth ... This is important because Polyphemus moths need to find each other quickly ... .

Luna Moth

The Dillon Herald 23 Aug 2020
The Luna moth (Actias luna) is one of the most stunning moths found in North America ....

Forest Journal: Mothing for beginners

Union Leader 26 Jul 2020
And don’t worry — they don’t bite! Some, like the giant silkworm moths (Luna, Polyphemous, and ... This spring was so productive for Luna moths (Actias luna) that moth enthusiasts in some areas of New Hampshire reported dozens of lunas attracted to their lights on some nights.

Curious Kids: Why are moths attracted to light?

Lebanon Express 09 Dec 2019
Moths flutter toward light at night, but why? NeagoneFo/ Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages ... One of us grew up in Mexico. And one of us grew up in Alaska ... The long tails of the luna moth can trick bats into attacking their tail instead of their body, so the moth can get away. Actias luna is often found in the eastern U.S.

Exploring The Last Green Valley: Luna moth a recognizable, beautiful creature

The Bulletin 17 Aug 2019
A few weeks ago, I discovered a large, bright green caterpillar in the yard. It was the size of my thumb with small dark spots and several hairy spines on its back ... It held fast to the blades of grass, so I went indoors to check my guide to butterflies and moths and discovered it to be the caterpillar of the luna moth (Actias luna). [...] ... .

Not all Pennsylvania moths are drab tan and gray. Take a look

Penn Live 25 Jul 2019
Many moths are the expected dull, flat tan, brown and gray. But Pennsylvania is home to some that are brightly colored and patterned. Here are 17 beauties. Rosy maple moth. Rosy maple moth. Dryocampa rubicunda. Wingspan. 1.25-2.25 inches. Host plants for caterpillar. Maple, oak. Habitat. Deciduous forests ... Hypoprepia miniate ... Luna moth. Luna moth. Actias luna ... .

The Outside Story: Flight of the luna moth

Rutland Herald 13 Jul 2019
These beautiful moths are luna moths, named for the Roman goddess of the moon ... The luna moth (Actias luna) is one of the largest species of moths in North America, with a wingspan of 3 to 4 inches ... The female luna moth releases a pheromone which males can detect from a distance with their comb-like antennae.

On Gardening: Luna moth sighting one of life’s special moments

The Mercury 12 May 2019
Last year was a banner year for me in that I saw three Luna moths at my house ... Most don’t realize the Luna moth is one of the giant silkworm species ... Before I knew better, I fantasized about Luna moths visiting my night blooming moonflower ... Linnaeus named the moth Actias luna referencing Luna the Roman Goddess of the Moon.